The Silver Blades Coaches

Listed below are the club's coaches for the 2018 - 2019 season.  Application is on a yearly basis and this information will be renewed and updated at the beginning of the FSB skating season, which is approximately the beginning of September.

Instructor/Coach application 2018-2019:

Application for any coaching on Findlay Silver Blades Ice Time:

Team coaching, Group Coaching, Private Coaching, Ice show Assistants/Coaching, etc

Click here for the application.

Head Pro Application 2017-2018- Click Here for the information.

Concussion Training Information - Click here for the information.

NameContact InfoPrivate Lesson AvailabilityCoaching Certifications
Alexa Bouts419-721-1096
Groups A and BLearn to Skate USA
ISI - Gold
Cat Bradburne (née Longo)567-208-6358
Groups A and DLearn to Skate USA
ISI - Gold
USFS - Category A Compliant
Tracy Haines-Koehler419-306-7512
Not taking new studentsISI - Gold

Molly Kerr567-208-2812
NoneLearn to Skate USA
ISI - Gold
USFS - Category A Compliant
Sheri Leatherman419-957-8389
Group ALearn to Skate USA
ISI - Gold
Cody Towell419-957-4439
Groups A, B, and DISI - Gold

Christy Wronkowicz419-360-2755
Groups A and CLearn to Skate USA
ISI - Gold, Synchro, Referee
USFS - Category A Compliant
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