Below is a list of important events in this skating year (2018-2019).  You can also download it here.

Date Time Event
November 14 4:20-5:05 Open Paid FS: extra session
November 17-18   ISI Flag City Competition
Skate Swap
ISI test session form due
November 18   USFS test session
November 19-25   Thanksgiving break: no Group Ice
November 26   Silver Blades skating resumes
Show solo tryout application due (FS6 & up)
December 1   ISI test session (last one for show tryouts/group placement)
Holiday Show application due
December 5 4:20-5:05, 5:05-5:50 Open Paid FS: extra sessions
December 6   Show solo tryouts (FS6 & up)
December 10   Mandatory show feature/solo meetings
December 13   Holiday Show
December 15-January 1   Silver Blades holiday break: no Group Ice
Date Time Event
January 3   Silver Blades skating resumes
January 5   Parent Meeting: Show information
January 12   USFS Mid-America Synchro Competition (Fraser, MI)
January 19   ISI Wayne Westland Competition (Westland, MI)
January 22   ISI test session application forms due
January 30 4:20-5:05 Open Paid: EXTRA session
January 31   ISI test session
February 2   No ice—FAHA tournament
February 6 4:20-5:05 Open Paid: another EXTRA session
February 8-9   USFS Tri-State Synchro Competition (Dearborn, MI)
February 9   No ice—FAHA tournament
February 17   ISI All-America Challenge Cup competition (Youngstown, OH)
February 13   Picture Night
February 23-24   ISI Southgate Competition (Southgate, MI)
March 2   End of Season Celebration
March 9   ISI Lou & Gib Reese Ice Arena Competition (Newark, OH)
March 16-17   Parents needed to help build Show set
March 22, 23, and 24   Ice Classics 2019
April 6   ISI Golden Blades Championship (Pittsburgh, PA)
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